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Hope you’re having a happy holiday season!

My kids are home from school this week so I haven’t gotten much work done. I usually reserve this week for evaluating the past year and mapping out my goals and action plan for the new year.

And as I reflect on 2012, I’m looking for things that I did well that I can teach others to do in 2013.

One of the things I did that worked was to build my email list from the free traffic om my cooking blog. I was actually surprised to see that I added like 6,834 subscribers to my list in just 8 months with just a few simple tweaks. Here’s what I did:

1) I added this email capture lightbox plugin back in May to get more aggressive about collecting the leads:


You can see it in action at: http://www.recipesecrets.net/blog/

2) I had my assistant post my email newsletter content to the blog
when we sent out a content email (3 times a week). That was the
only content we added to this blog and it was content we were
creating anyway.

3) Much of the content posted was curated from recipes we found
Online from different sources. All we did was add our own unique
content to the blog posts to go along with the curated content.

That’s it – that’s all we really did to add new 6,834 subscribers
in 8 months just from that one source. Of course we added a lot
more than that in total as we were buying ads and such, but the
blog email subscribers were a bonus because it was so easy.

So the lesson here is – if you consistently add content to a blog
(even if it’s curated) and if you are aggressive with collecting
the leads, you can get traffic and build your list for free.

Now imagine if you had several blogs like that with virtual
assistants adding new content every day.

The problem is though – how do you get a VA to post sensible
content without spending a lot of money. Or how do you do it
yourself without spending all your time coming up with new things
to write.

Well, here’s what you can do – three steps:

1) Use embeddable content as the basis for your blog posts and
simply add your own commentary or summary in 300 to 500 words.
That could include YouTube videos, PDF documents, Powerpoint
slides, etc. You can include those right in your post if the owner
enables you to embed it.

For example, check out how this authority sites uses a Powerpoint
slide from Slideshare.net in their post:


Can you see how much easier and faster it is to create a blog post
that way?

2) Build some basic and natural backlinks to your blog posts from
social media other relevant sites in your niche.

3) Learn how to use keywords and topics for your blog titles that
are getting a lot of traffic.

This is something I didn’t really do to get those 6834 subscribers
I mentioned earlier. If I did focus more on it, I could have
easily doubled that number.

So in 2013, I’m going to make building my list from free blog
traffic one of my big projects. And I’m going to scale it out to
see just how big I can do it.

This is truly something I think anyone can do to build a big email
list for free and earn money just by sending emails and from people
clicking Adsense ads.

So in the coming weeks, I’m going to let you look over my shoulder
as I show you step by step how it’s done. And I’m also going roll
out a special program to help students get this going with their
own blogs. Stay tuned :-)…

Talk soon,


P.S. Drop me a quick reply below if this sounds interesting to you.

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  1. Troy Golden says:

    Great info Ron!! Two very simple step by step strategies to help start 2013 list building and blogging off with a bang!! Your strategies can make anyones list ripe and fresh. Thanks you are the greatest!!

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