Big mistake many people make in business

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big mistake in Internet MarketingIn the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (highly recommended), he dives into the extreme success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, The Beatles, and several others to analyze what really attributed to their success.

Most people just think they were all geniuses who were born with the talent to change the world.  But Gladwell makes a compelling case that genius alone doesn’t guarantee success by also featuring the life stories of real geniuses who never lived up to their potential.

In the end, one of his main theories is that it takes 10,000 hours
of practice to achieve true mastery at anything.  Those who have
the resources, opportunity, and passion to get that amount of
practice time in have a huge advantage that enables them to
achieve extraordinary success.

So what does that have to do with you?

Well, many people I talk to in this business have studied Internet
Marketing like crazy (10,000+ hours) but they still aren’t making
any real money.

They are really good at knowing it all though. They buy one course
after the next and rarely do they learn anything new. But when it
comes down to applying what they know, their project always seems
to fall short of expectations.

– They put up a squeeze page, but it never quite seems to look like
or convert like the good ones.

– They do a sales video but it never quite seems to come out like
the good ones.

– They try to promote their site, but they can’t seem to get any
decent amount of traffic.

The reason they fail is because they’ve spent many hours studying
what to do, but not enough time actually trying to do it.  And when
they have that initial roadblock, they accept defeat instead of
putting the time in to make it work.

While I don’t think that “10,000 hours” is necessary, I do know for
a fact that I didn’t start making money until I began trying
different things for myself.  And I sucked big-time at first, but
that was where the real learning came from.  And over time I got
pretty darn good.

Now when you look back at the finished product of what I’ve
accomplished and the easy business model I’ve set up, you might
think that’s pretty brilliant.  But it really wasn’t.  It was
logical.  It was put in place one thing after the next based on
what worked and what didn’t work.

The beautiful thing about the opportunity you have right now is
that there aren’t many barriers to entry and it doesn’t cost a lot
to try new things.  Putting up a site, building a list, creating a
product, getting traffic, etc. – anyone can do it and start a
business without taking out a business loan.  Huge potential
reward, very little risk.

So are you getting your time in?

Everyone starts out a newbie. Some are bold enough to seize the
opportunity without needing permission to succeed from anyone.

Talk soon,


P.S. Check out the book wiki for Outliers if you haven’t read it:

2 Responses to “Big mistake many people make in business”

  1. Hey Ron,

    Thanks for the reminder to move beyond the learning and into the doing. I struggle with the shiny object, new wso model as much as the next guy, and I’ve had some success but also lots of heartache with trying to build a successful business online. One thing about me though is that I’ve implemented almost all of the wso products/ideas I’ve picked up and, like you, get a bit closer to the ideal model every day!

    Thanks for your part in the process…

  2. Nick Pearson says:

    “Now when you look back at the finished product of what I’ve
    accomplished and the easy business model I’ve set up, you might
    think that’s pretty brilliant. But it really wasn’t. It was
    logical. It was put in place one thing after the next based on
    what worked and what didn’t work.”

    Isn’t that a sucky feeling, when you start to see all the time you wasted procrastinating and supposedly learning. I look back on my online endeavors with complete embarrassment. I wasted too much time planning, planning, and doing more planning. Reading everything I could get my hands on, If I got a dollar for every minute I wasted I would probably be a millionaire right now.

    The key to any online success it to take action, luckily I eventually figured this out.

    One more thing I think should be mentioned is that fact that not everything has to be perfect the first time around. People spend hours and hours trying to create the perfect squeeze page and not focusing enough time of traffic generation. So they start thinking it’s their horribly designed squeeze page that’s not converting when in reality it’s b/c they don’t have enough traffic or the right type of traffic.

    Great post and recommendation on that book, just tweeted post.

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