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Lately I’ve been focusing on doing a lot more webinars because they convert like nothing else.  This is especially true in this economic environment.  I have a webinar presentation for VideoForward.com that averages about a 32% conversion rate.  That means the offer and presentation are so good that 32 out of every 100 people watching end up signing up.  That’s just crazy.

In that presentation, I spend 90% of the time giving high quality content and 10% making an amazing exclusive offer at the end.  The audience really gets rewarded for their time with some killer content.

Being that it’s set up as more of a training session, it’s super easy to get JV partners to promote it to their email list.  Soooo much easier than asking them to promote a product directly.  All they have to do is send out an email invite and jump on the 60 minute presentation to introduce me.

It’s really a win-win-win event.

– The JV partners get fast and easy lump-sum commissions for just 60 minutes of their time
– Their subscribers get great content and an amazing opportunity
– I get to build my customer list and increase my income

If you can put together some Powerpoint slides and are not afraid to have a live conversation, you can make a killing with webinars.

Here’s a presentation I just did on Wednesday where I talk about more advanced stuff like sales funnels, publishing a book, and getting publicity:


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