Marketer’s Cruise Recap – Best Resources

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I had a great time on my first Marketer’s Cruise this year.  It was fun cruising with so many of my industry friends around Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

And to our delight we got back to the frozen tundra (New York) just in time for the 10 degree weather lol.  Here’s a pic I’d like to remember taken while we were still in Cozumel, Mexico :-).

Marketer's Cruise Pics

This video below was from one of the training sessions on the ship.  It was probably the most beneficial session for me because dozens of people got on stage and shared their top business tips and resources.  It was like a competition between successful marketers to share the best stuff.  Amazing stuff – get your pen and pad ready and check it out:

Special thanks to Sarah Starr for uploading the video.

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    Wow! Thanks Sarah for sharing this, and thanks Ron for having an amazing blog!

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