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I have some good info for you today (below), but first let me tell you about this…

My buddy Andy Fletcher has this really cool WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a super list building machine. It’s the same exact list building plugin I’m using to build my list on my blog .

The only difference is, Andy is offering my people $50 off the regular price through this link (the price will adjust down to $47 when you check out):

You already know that adding new content to a blog generates traffic with each new post. Well, if you’re not getting those visitors on your email list, you’re letting money slip away every day. This tool is the solution – get it now before Andy’s courtesy coupon expires:

So what’s today’s “Secret Sauce” (i.e. strategies that I’m actually
executing instead of just talking about)?

** Adding a Continuity Income Upsell **

I’ve held the #1 spot in the Cooking category on the Clickbank
network since 2004. As a result, I get a lot of traffic coming in
from affiliates promoting my front end product.

For years, when customers purchased the front end product (my
cooking ebooks), I offered them the option to purchase some
additional ebooks at a discount off the regular price.

A decent percentage opted to purchase the upsell, so it was better
than not having that option. However, imagine if instead of them
making a one-time payment, they were presented with an offer to get
ongoing value from us through a membership site that bills monthly.

Uh, lets see… money one-time versus ongoing money each month – “I
think I’ll take what’s behind door #2 Monty.”

What’s really cool is, the membership site that I’m offering is not
even my product. I cut a deal with a chef to offer a $4.95 trial
(that rebills at $47 a month) for his top-notch cooking classes as
an upsell for my product. All I have to do is set it up and then
send the customers to his site to access the membership.

Major WIN – WIN. Sweet!

I also took the previous upsell and made it a downsell instead for
those who don’t take the $4.95 trial.

I expect this change will add an additional $10k per month (at
least) to my income over the next year. That’s because, even if
only 10% continue with the membership, the revenue is cumulative
each month as the old customers keep paying and new ones sign up.
Of course there will be some attrition, but a good number of
members will get good value from it and stick. You get my point.

The main takeaway is, if you have a high converting lead in
product, find someone who has a continuity income program that is
a good fit for your customers and cut a deal. If you have a
continuity income program, find someone with a high converting
front end product and partner up.

Want to know the most important part of the process?

It’s having a high converting front end offer that is lucrative for
affiliates to promote.

How do you do that? Three steps:

1) You find out what people are buying and make a ridiculously good
offer that they can’t resist. I’m talking like $500 in value for
under $50 – high quality.

2) You give a good commission to affiliates as an incentive to
promote it. Make it really lucrative for them.

3) You actively network with potential affiliates and let them know
about your irresistible offer. You go where they hang out both
online and offline and get to know them. If you offer sells well,
your conversion stats should do the selling for you.

The game is much easier when you make alliances and leverage other
people’s assets by making win-win offers.

To Your Success,

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