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How to structure a lifestyle business

November 4th, 2014    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   No Comments »

In this interview, I discussed how to structure a lifestyle business with SEO experts Damon Greene. Towards the end we really dig deep into some new and little known strategies for getting both free and paid traffic to your website. Watch it now and leave a comment below – enjoy!...

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My secret weapon

September 18th, 2013    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   No Comments »

My secret weapon… Back in 2001, I was the greenest newbie you could imagine, all wet behind the ears and stuff lol.  At the time I was living in a tiny one-bedroom with my wife, working for Chase all day and taking night classes for my MBA. The only time I had to work on […]...

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Marketer’s Cruise Recap – Best Resources

January 24th, 2013    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   1 Comment »

I had a great time on my first Marketer’s Cruise this year.  It was fun cruising with so many of my industry friends around Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. And to our delight we got back to the frozen tundra (New York) just in time for the 10 degree weather lol.  Here’s a pic […]...

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Big mistake many people make in business

December 7th, 2012    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   2 Comments »

In the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (highly recommended), he dives into the extreme success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, The Beatles, and several others to analyze what really attributed to their success. Most people just think they were all geniuses who were born with the talent to change the world.  But Gladwell makes […]...

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Local Member Based Content Site – Nantucket

November 9th, 2012    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips, Internet Business Models   •   6 Comments »

One of the things I’m working on is starting a local marketing site where I get volunteer writers from the community to have their own blogs on the site. I got the idea from an SEO client of mine who started a site all about Nantucket MA. She started Nantucket Chronicle. And it’s doing really […]...

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The difference between making $300 per month and $30,000 per month

August 3rd, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   No Comments »

Lots of people will talk about theory and sell you stuff that they aren’t really doing.  Unfortunately “fake it until you make it” is the mantra for far too many in this industry, but fortunately I don’t have to do that. That being said, I’m about to tell you the real difference between earning $300 […]...

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high converting webinars

April 1st, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Internet Business Models   •   No Comments »

Lately I’ve been focusing on doing a lot more webinars because they convert like nothing else.  This is especially true in this economic environment.  I have a webinar presentation for that averages about a 32% conversion rate.  That means the offer and presentation are so good that 32 out of every 100 people watching [&he...

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Simple but super powerful way to make more money online

January 29th, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   No Comments »

I have some good info for you today (below), but first let me tell you about this… My buddy Andy Fletcher has this really cool WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a super list building machine. It’s the same exact list building plugin I’m using to build my list on my blog . The […]...

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Why I never shovel my own snow

January 12th, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   2 Comments »

If you live in an area where it snows, do you go out and shovel your own snow? It snowed here in New York really bad a couple of weeks ago. So, I grabbed my shovel and went out there in the cold to work. I spent about an hour by myself digging out the […]...

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Best eCommerce Business Models of 2010

January 7th, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips, Internet Business Models, Internet Marketing   •   3 Comments »

Top 10 Business Models of 2010 Watch this amazing slideshow and leave your comments! Tip: you can click the MENU button and open it up full screen....

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