Examples of High Retention Membership Sites

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We’ve all done the math on membership sites and dreamed of starting one where the membership keeps growing each month and all of the members actually stick long term.

You know the math I’m talking about:

– $97 a month membership
– Get just 2.5 people to join per day on average
– After a year you have 912 members
– 912 members x $97 per month = $88,464 a month
– $88,464 a month x 12 months = $1,061,568 a year

That’s exciting to think about – but in reality, some types of products and services do well as membership sites and others do not. The ones that don’t usually have high drop out rates and pissed off customers wondering what the heck the charge is on their credit statement.

Let’s focus on the membership sites that actually do well . I’m going to list a few ideas for high retention membership sites and if others contribute, I’ll be back to list a few more.

1) Sell something that people can resell
A foolproof way to ensure a high retention rate is to SELL TO SELLERS. Sell a product or service that people can resell and make money with and they will stick around long term. Some examples:
PLR membership sites
– Reseller Web Hosting
– ReadyMadeMembersites.com – turn key membership sites you can sell as your own.

2) Sell a service that people will use to make money with directly
Some examples:
– TC2000.com a stock charting service that traders use to plan their trades.
– Aweber.com – autoresponders
– Realtytrac.com – foreclosure listing
– ListingBook.com – a service that helps real estate agents manage their client base and listings
– TrafficSage.com – Website promotion outsourcing service – link building, article writing, video creation, search engine marketing, Web 2.0 traffic generation.

3) Sell a service that makes people’s lives easier
Some examples:
– Ewedding.com – push button solution for creating and hosting wedding websites
– Wellnessresources.com/auto_ship.php – gives a discount to customers who buy their supplements and join the convenient “monthly autoship program”

I have a bunch of other examples to share.  Please add your ideas and examples.

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