These 3 Steps = Extra Cash (whenever you want)

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Make money strategySo I went on the five dollar marketplace at yesterday to find someone to do a quick logo for a new site I’m working on.

As I began search through the gigs, I noticed two interesting things:

1) The vendors were all offering additional services that were much more than $5. I actually ended up paying $65 for different options like color choices, high res print quality, etc.

2) Many of the vendors I looked at offered a 5 day turnaround time but had 300+ active jobs in their queue. Yep, you read that right 300+! One guy had 564 orders he was currently filling.

I wondered to myself, how the heck can they fulfill so many orders in a 5 day period? The samples they showed were all high quality.

Then it hit me – these guys are using some type of graphics software that enables them to crank out so many logos and make a killing on Fiverr.

So the entrepreneur in me immediately saw this as an opportunity
for anyone to earn some easy dough on demand. And not just on

So here’s what you can do (3 easy steps)…

1) Grab this awesome logo and graphic creator software I
discovered – Click Here

2) Offer your graphics services for free on Fiverr and use their
marketplace to get paid instantly to your PayPal account.

3) Use some of the money to hire a virtual assistant from Odesk at
like $4 an hour. Have the VA contact websites directly that need a
better logo or Facebook Page graphics and offer your
super-affordable, high quality graphics service directly to them.

Once you have some good looking samples to show, many of them will
gladly pay you. Heck, just yesterday I needed a logo :-).

Anyway, I hope this gives you a light-bulb moment. How many of the
other email lists you’re subscribed to do that? lol

And if you want to make it happen, check out this software – Click Here

Talk soon,


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