A Six Figure Business Nobody Wanted

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On Monday at 11am ET (New York Time) we are going to grill serial entrepreneur Jim Coniglione on how he started a local recurring income business with over 1,000 paying customers.

Jim will reveal to you how to find an ultra profitable niche in an affluent market by offering a service that nobody wants to do and outsourcing all the work.

This will be a live Hangout on Google and you can check it out here:

Long Island’s King of Poop – A Six Figure Business Nobody Wanted

Going forward, we’re going to do many more live case studies showing you how we’re building new businesses and helping clients. The first live case study will be the Google hangout event on Monday that I just told you about.

We’re trying to rank our client Jim on Youtube which is where a recording of the hangout will appear after the event.

Google has proven to rank hangout events high in their search results, especially if you:

1) Use your desired keyword as the title of the event, in the description, and in the tags
2) Build links to the YouTube page in advance of the hangout event
3) Get a bunch of people watching the event and viewing the recording on Youtube

If you do those three things, you’d be surprised by how well your recording on Youtube will rank and get traffic for even super competitive keywords.

More to come…

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  1. Hi Ron, I ‘m one of your customers in the past. My daughter was cleaning up my e-mails took off my e-mails that she didn’t know what they were. Can you please send me the one about Facebook were you said they nailed it with Bing and Microsoft or Yahoo.com /the offer. And any great good offers I can do from home, my husband just had open heart surgery. I need to make some money to help out some way. Thanks so much, my friend. Betty

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