Pathetic Little Money Makers Part 3

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Learn how we’re scaling pathetic little WordPress sites to over
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Pathetic Little Money Makers (Part 3 of 3)

This is part 3 in this series, if you missed part 1 or 2 you can
get them here : Part 1, Part 2.

Picking up where we left off last time – getting free traffic.

One strategy that works really well is piggy-backing off of hot
search results in your niche related to product names, celebrity
names, hot trends, new product launches, or breaking news.

You know that these things are already getting a lot of searches,
so why not grab some of that traffic for yourself?

Now don’t go out and infringe on anyone’s trademark.  There is a
way to do it properly.

Lets say for example you’re in the health & fitness market and you
discover that people search for “Jillian Michaels Diet” and related
keywords over 10,000 times per month.  You can make a post titled
“Jillian Michaels Diet – Latest Fad or Real Deal (See Results).”

In this example, you could do a review offering your commentary and
provide an affiliate link where people can buy her products and
earn commissions.

You can use the same strategy for any products related to your
niche. All it takes is a little research to find what the hot
searches in your niche are.

In the Internet Marketing niche, you’ll see affiliates piggy
backing off of product launches all the time.  As soon as they
discover that a new product is coming out from a well known
marketer, they start blogging about it because they know that it
will get a lot of searches once the product is released.

Lets say the product coming out is “WP Listbuilder by Joe Guru”
they’ll try to rank for terms like:

WP Listbuilder Review
WP Listbuilder Scam?
WP Listbuilder Results
WP Listbuilder Support
WP Listbuilder Bonus
WP Listbuilder Coupon
Best WP Listbuilder Bonus
Joe Guru WP Listbuilder

You can do the same thing in niche markets that aren’t as
competitive – piggyback your way to some serious traffic and

On the live workshop, we’re going to go into detail on the missing
piece to really make this strategy work.  If you’re doing it all
manually and your competitors are using automation tools, it’s like
bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Join us on Tuesday to discover how we’re taking sites from 100
visitors to well over 100,000 in record time.

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  1. Chris Slinger says:

    Hi Ron. Thanks for the useful blog posts. 7 pm New York time is pretty late here in the UK. Any chance of a replay for us brits?

  2. Kevin says:

    How about a replay for all of us? I had to step out just before the webinar started and missed the whole thing.

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