Pathetic Little Money Makers (Part 1 of 3)

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pathetic little money makerHope all is well with you on this beautiful summer weekend :-).

On Tuesday were going to show you a new system we’ve been using that enables pathetic little WordPress sites to get major free traffic, I’m talking 100,000+ visitors.

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Over the next few days I’m going to give you some tips that we’ll
cover in detail during the presentation.  If you like these tips,
you’ll love what we’ll share on Tuesday…

Pathetic Little Money Makers (Part 1 of 3)

So by now you probably know how easy it is to put up a basic
Wordpress site and get a business Online. It’s literally a ten
minute process that you can do from scratch for under $20. If you
need details on that, just go to YouTube and search for “how to
create a website in wordpress step by step” and you’ll get dozens
of free video tutorials. Easy stuff.

The difficult part for most people is getting traffic to the site
and monetizing it.

Well, one of my favorite ways is using these simple little blogs to
build an email list.  To simplify this for you, let me assure you
of three things:

1) Content always fetches you some traffic.  I’ve never had a blog
post that got zero views.

2) Offering something free to people always gets a percentage of
visitors to give their email address.  I’ve never had a zero
conversion on a page with an opt-in form.

3) If you have a thousand people on an email list and you send out
a good offer that can help them, somebody is going to buy it.  It’s
a simple numbers game.  I’ve never sent out a good offer and not at
least earned a commission.

So just by knowing those three things, you can see at least one way
that income is really made Online and how anybody can sit at home in
their pajamas and make money on their laptop while eating Captin
Crunch :-).

But that’s just scratching the surface.  The 6 million dollar
question is how do you get enough traffic with this process to earn
some meaningful moola.

The other stuff is easy.  You can create a good free offer just by
stacking value using private label content or resale rights
products.  And you probably already know you can earn commissions
by promoting affiliate and CPA offers to your email list.  But
getting enough traffic is where the proverbial rubber hits the road.

Well that’s what we’re going to focus on on Tuesday.  How do you
take that pathetic little WordPress site and turn it into a traffic
getting machine.

Make sure you’re registered for the presentation as we only have
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For reading this post, I’ll give you two quick tips you can use

1) Social media links help.

Set up accounts branded for your site on all the different social
sites with live links back to your site.  Facebook Like Pages,
Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Google Plus, Forums
related to your niche, etc.

Social media links are easy to get and don’t get penalized by
Google because it’s kinda expected that sites have social media
profiles. You also want to encourage visitors to your site to share
your content on social sites.  The more engaged people are with
your content, the better you will rank.  The links count but the
level of engagement counts even more.

Here’s a list of social media sites to choose from:

2) Focus on content that people are actually searching for.

If you want lots of free traffic, you have to have relevant content
based on what a lot of people want to find when they’re searching

Here’s a quick shortcut you can use… Go to Google and copy this
in just as shown: recipes “Thanks to all authors for creating a page
that has been read 500000…1000000 times”

Now simply replace recipes with a keyword phrase related to your
niche.  That will show you all the articles on Wikihow that have
been viewed between 500000 and a million times.  You can as also
increase or decrease the numbers to see more or less views.

This shortcut can give you some good ideas of the type of content
you can add to your site.  Be sure to use the main keywords in the
title of your posts.

That’s it for today.  Part two coming soon.

Talk soon,


P.S.  Make sure you’re registered for the presentation as we only
have 1,000 lines available – go to:

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