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get website trafficWhat’s the most powerful way to get free website traffic?  Is it search engine optimization, email marketing, article marketing, pay per click, ezine marketing, viral marketing, social media, etc.

Actually it’s none of these and all of these.


The most powerful way to get traffic is to have people doing all that stuff for you – for free.  You’re efforts alone can never match the efforts of multiple experienced marketers, no matter how many articles you write or viral videos you do.

There are experts out there who specialize in every aspect of getting traffic you can imagine.  I’m not a specialist – I’m a general manager.  I’ve conceded long ago that I will never be as good with the search engines, for example, as someone who specializes in that for a living.

So the question is, how do you get these experts to send traffic to you?  Obviously, you have to give them an incentive which makes it worth their while.

You’ve probably heard this before but the real successful people online all have their own products.  Being an successful affiliate for other people’s products can’t compare to having many successful affiliates promoting your product.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about this, just look at super affiliates like Ewen Chia and Rosalind Gardner.  Why do you even know their name?  Could it be because of the products they’re launched?  LOL, as you can see I’m heavily biased towards having your own products.

Ok, back to getting traffic from affiliates.  How do you do this?

Well, the key is finding a way to make a BIG claim.  If you can make a big claim and back it up, you have what you need to put together an irresistible offer.

Affiliates want to promote an irresistible offer with a relatively high commission payout.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s easier said then done, but it’s being done all the time by people just like you.

It all starts with knowing your niche and want they want.  Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and really explore what you would want to buy.  What type of benefits would make you say WOW!

Just look at the best selling products on Clickbank and you’ll start to see a trend of big claims being made:

“Convert Your Car To Burn Water + Gasoline = Double Your Mileage!”

“Learn How a 19-Year Old College Punk, a 38-Year Old Flabby Business Man & a 62-Year Old Out-of-Shape Grandpa All Discovered a Unique Method to FINALLY Hack Off That Ugly Belly Fat & Carve Out Ripped 6-Pack Abs”

“Bet On Sports With My Revolutionary System And Win 97% Of Your Bets!”

“Find new and used cars up to 90% off retail value!”

“Get Google Ads Free! :: New Secret!! :: Newbie Affiliate Made $109,620.”

“How a 35 Year Old “Forex Geek” Stole one of the Stock Market’s Darkest Secrets, and used it to discover a “plug in and go” Forex formula…”

Now, the worst thing you can do is flat out lie about your big claim and produce a product which doesn’t deliver what you say.  By no means am I telling you to do that.

However, what I’m saying is – if you find a niche and a way to actually help people, don’t be shy about making your big claim.  Marketing is about grabbing attention and painting the best possible picture of your product in the minds of your potential customers.

Remember, you don’t have to be the expert, you can find someone who is to do a product with you.  It can be an ebook, videos, a home study course, an interview, case studies, content provided in a membership site or paid autoresponder series, etc and all of the above.  Any medium which allows you to deliver your promised benefits to the customer.

Does your product have to be the next big thing?  No, absolutely not.  Don’t let finding that ‘big idea’ stop you from taking action.  But understand that you need to position your product to be as attractive as possible.

When in doubt – do something!  Throw all those ideas against the wall to find out what sticks.  That’s better than doing nothing, over analyzing your ideas and procrastinating.

Here’s something you can do to learn more about your market, build your list, and get your site off the ground.  Ten steps:

1) Go where your niche hangs out (forums, blogs, social networks, etc) and join the discussion.

2) Find a common problem that people are having. It doesn’t even matter if there is already a solution being marketed. If people are still having that problem and talking about it publicly, there is an opportunity there for you too.

3) Write a free report (or do a video) on that topic and post it in your signature on the forums with a link back to a squeeze page on your site.

4) Have people opt-in to get your free information and also have them tell you what else they would like to learn about that topic. What’s their biggest challenge, what’s their biggest problem, what’s the most difficult part of… etc.

5) Use that intelligence from their responses as the basis for your information product.

6) Put your product on Clickbank or another affiliate network – have a sales page created etc.  Make your product as attractive as possible for affiliates – high payout, easy promotional tools, high conversions, etc.

7) Use that initial free report or video you created as a tool for affiliates to give away to their list and earn a commission on the sales of your product.

Here’s the best example of this you’ll find:

8 ) Search for ezines and popular blogs related to your product.

9) Signup for the ezines and the blogs and get a feel for what the publisher is about.

10) Contact as many of these publishers as possible.  Make a suggestion or comment about their work to get their attention.  And then offer them the opportunity to give their readers your free report or video and earn a commission.

That’s all for now.  We’re really only scratching the surface of the Niche Colonize Method.  We’ll get into more details in the next edition.

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