Easy Ways to Find A Good Niche

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Here’s a question that’s asked frequently when people sign up:

“How Do I Find a Good Niche?”

Personally, I think people make finding a good niche a lot more complicated than it should be.  Services like Wordtracker will tell you to do extensive keyword analysis to find a niche that is not too competitive but has a huge demand.

Good luck with that.

Think about this for a moment – what would you expect a vendor who is selling a keyword research service to teach about finding a niche?   What would you expect their affiliates to tell you if they want you to sign up for the service?

Don’t get me wrong, keyword research is important for many things – such as search engine optimization.  However, I disagree that you need to find an obscure market which is not being served.

No wonder one of the main excuses for why people don’t ‘get in the game’ is that they can’t find a good niche.

In my experience, finding a niche should start by looking at what people are currently buying.

Don’t worry about the competition.  Competition is good.  Consider them potential affiliates or partners.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  The research has already been done for you if you open your eyes.  For example, here are five sources to find out what people are currently buying:

Look at what’s selling and try to find a different angle for a product or service.  How can you make a product better, faster, easier, more effective, cheaper, higher quality, higher perceived value, more attractive, more appealing to affiliates, etc.

Basically, a good niche is any market with lots of buyers in which you can establish yourself (or someone else) as an expert.  If you don’t have the experience or accomplishments, find someone who does and partner with them.  You’ll find that 90% of offline experts on a topic don’t know nearly as much as you do about selling online. And most of them are really open to getting more exposure from the Internet.

For example, how easy would it be to do some videos with your personal trainer and put together a different spin for a fitness or weightloss information product?

Some of the fitness programs on Clickbank make millions of dollars per year.  Seems like a competitive market right?  I challenge you to find 10 people in your town who have heard of those websites.

On the flip side, how easy would it be to find 10 people who want to lose 10 lbs?

As I mentioned before, it all comes down to a fight for attention.  Every marketer is fighting for the attention of the people in their niche and there is only so many hours in a day to be shared.

If you can jump into a market, demand attention, and build a list – it doesn’t matter how much competition the market has.  If you have can build a list in that niche, you can have an information publishing business.  But it all starts with getting their attention.

Having their attention means they will open your emails.  It means you will have an opportunity to establish yourself or your site as the expert.  It means that you will have an opportunity to build a relationship and find out more about them.

Don’t underestimate what having that intelligence on your leads is worth.  To completely jack a quote I learned of from my buddy Doug McIsaac:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”  -BlairWarren

How easy would it be to create new products if you had that intelligence about your niche?

That’s all for today.  Please post your comments.

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