List building vs social media

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List building vs social media – what’s more effective?

Well, the answer is really BOTH.

Email marketing is still the most effective money maker Online.  Nothing beats warm, pre-sold traffic that you get from having a relationship with your list.  And frankly, people are far more accustomed to receiving ads and buying things from an email than from a post on Facebook for instance.

Trying to sell on social media is a no – no.  People are there to interact with their friends and the people they follow.  There is an implied etiquette on social sites that says – hey, don’t try to sell me stuff.

So how can you use social media for business?

Five words: Get Them On Your LIST!

Offer something for free on social media sites and use that traffic to get people on your list.  Funnel them to your content and save the selling for later once they’re on your list.

Check out this video that gives some great perspective on this topic (PRESS PLAY):

Email marketing still rules.  And I have to agree with the video – if you’re not building your list, you’re just not being smart.

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2 Responses to “List building vs social media”

  1. Florence Warde says:

    Hi! Ron:
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  2. Julius says:

    I agree.. Social media is a great place to get “free” targeted traffic to your squeeze page if done correctly. Building a relationship with your list is vital in the long run. Some marketers like to promote “affiliate” offers to their list but I believe the ultimate goal is to create and promote your own products.. Great Post!

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