List building sales process

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Good business is putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and
understanding how to create the most positive experience for them.

That’s easier said that done because each customer has different
needs and opinions.  But one thing that is true for 99.9% of
customers is they want instant gratification.

I’m using this concept right now on two of my sites to give new
subscribers a good first impression of my offers.

For example, when someone signs up to my list, I immediately give
them what they signed up for.  Previously, they may have seen a
one-time offer or be asked to confirm in an email.  But now, I just
give them what they signed up for first before making any offer.

This positive experience of me delivering what I promised helps
them to believe that if they buy something they will have a similar
positive experience.

So instead of:

Freebie then One Time Offer then Thank You Page

I’m now getting better results with:

Freebie -> Thank You Page -> Buy And Get More

This works especially well when the free offer is a teaser for the
product you’re trying to sell.

Test that out for yourself and I think you’ll be happy with the
outcome :).

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