Popular Advice Given to Beginners – Past vs Present

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One of the most difficult things for even a highly successful marketer to do is to instruct a newbie to actually make money online. Sure, you can provide a step by step proven plan that works, but you can’t make someone succeed. Short of actually doing the work for them, success is still their responsibility and some people simply want it more than others.

No teacher of Internet Marketing has a 100% success rate with their newbie customers. In fact, it’s probably more like a 5% success rate at best.

That being said, I’ve been around long enough to compare the common instructions that used to be given to newbies versus what is popular to teach now.

I thought that this would make a good discussion:

What are your thoughts on the Old vs New strategy for Newbies?

Note: Yes I know that people still do both, but I’m just referring to the popular thing being taught now versus then. Work with me here folks

Old Strategy:

1) Find a problem in a niche market (preferably one you are passionate about)

2) Create (or pay for) an information product that offers a solution

3) Put up a website that sells and delivers the product. Get the sales copy done (or do it yourself), signup with Clickbank, PayPal etc.

4) Give away something for free for the people who don’t buy and build a list. Have an autoresponder sequence that reinforces why they should buy and has a call to action.

5) Network with people in the niche

6) Contact JV partners/affiliates who can promote your product and make a win win offer.

7) Invest your profits back into advertising (PPC, Ezine Ads, etc)

8) Use additional methods to get traffic (SEO, Articles sent directly to ezine owners, link exchanges, affiliate directories, traffic exchanges)

New Strategy:

1) Find a niche market based on long tail keywords that have traffic and not too much competition. Preferably buyers keywords and or product related keywords.

2) Put up a blog targeting those keywords with an article and page for each keyword.

3) Build (or outsource) links to those individual pages with the keywords in the anchor text (social bookmarks, profile page links, .edu sites, blog comments, forum posts, directory submissions, UAW articles, etc.)

4) Write articles and create content to post on authority sites & social networking sites and try to rank for those keywords. Have a resource box or call to action with a link that brings people to your site.

5) Build some links to the authority site pages that are linking to your site (social bookmarks, profile page links, .edu sites, blog comments, forum posts, directory submissions etc.)

6) Monetize with related affiliate products, CPA offers, Adsense, Amazon, etc.

7) Rinse and repeat with new blogs

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