Starting a Real Business That Lasts

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Want to start a business that pays you for the long term?  If so, you need to have a marketable brand.

Whether you brand a company or brand your name, the point is – creating a brand that customers will recognize is a sure path to long term success.

Back in 2004, I went to the first Warrior get-together in New York. At that event, I met Mike Ambrosio, Robert Puddy, and Mike Filsaime among others. This was before Butterfly Marketing was launched. I remember asking Mike F. – “what’s the best way to break into the IM niche?” He responded with just 7 words that really stuck with me:

“Establish Yourself As The Expert in Something”

Whether it’s establishing yourself as the expert or your brand, this is the fast track to building a business online and social media makes it so much easier. Find a need and position yourself as the expert solution. Become the go to guy for something and people will flock to you (*especially if it’s something they are passionate about).

Get yourself in front of your potential customers everywhere they hangout – Yahoo Answers, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Email Newsletters, Press Releases, Groups, Forums, YouTube, Podcasts, Blog Talk Radio, etc. You can setup keywords in Google Alerts to tell you where your customers are. The Internet makes it easy for you.

Want to make 6 figures a year, every year? All you need is 1,000 loyal customers to spend $100 per year with you. This is something I learned from chatting with Dr. Mani. In fact, all you need is 500 loyal customers to spend $17 a month with you.

Do the math and you’ll see that making 6 figures is not that big of a deal. I crossed that bridge back in 2004 and I’m at the point now where I could take the year off and still make that amount (both online and offline).

So, if you’re struggling to make money online, consider this approach. It’s not the only thing that works, but it works for sure.

This past weekend, I went to Mike F’s Affiliate Appreciation Weekend in Vegas and met up with my good friend Ty. Ty is a perfect example of a marketer who is making a KILLING by being the expert for a particular niche. You’ve probably never even heard of this guy, but everything you search for in his market brings up his sites in Google.

Ty is one of the most underrated niche marketers online and he likes it that way. His laser focus on his niche and certified expert status makes Internet Marketing easy for him. He just launches new products to his followers and doesn’t have to depend on anyone to promote for him. He has evergreen products that still sell well even after 5 years.

Now that’s a real business that will last long term. Not many people can claim that.

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