YouTube Traffic, Amazon Sales (Part 1 of 3)

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YouTube traffic, Amazon sales (Part 1 of 3)

You already know that YouTube gets a ridiculous amount of traffic
and Amazon is the #1 marketplace with rabid buyers on one-click
checkout mode. When you combine these two unstoppable forces,
OH-BOY :-).

The first step that we’ll cover in detail on Tuesday is market
research and keyword analysis.

For example, lets say you use Google’s free keyword tool and
discover that “Paleo diet food list” gets 14,800 searches per

Well, on the first page of Google’s search for that phrase is a
YouTube video titled Paleo Diet Recipes. You could easily outrank
him for “Paleo diet food list” by using that phrase in the title,
tags, and description of your YouTube video.  And you can make your
video a teaser to promote an Amazon Kindle ebook.

Imagine setting this up one time (or hiring a VA to do it) and
getting paid passive income from Amazon each month for years.

If each one earns you $500 a month, how many would you put Online?

On Tuesday my guest will show you his complete system for doing
this which is earning him over $8k a month after only 4 months.

He has some wicked shortcuts for publishing on Amazon without
writing and easily creating and ranking YouTube videos without
needing a video camera.

This is going to be good. Make sure you’re on live with us – get
your sign-on link at:

Parts 2 & 3 coming soon.



P.S. Tuesday’s workshop will have a huge amount of quality
instruction and afterwards you’ll know how to combine the FREE
crazy traffic power of YouTube with impulsive buyers on Amazon.
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