Hope is a 4 letter word

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With the stock market down over 600 points today and the world seemingly slipping back into a recession, I want to hopefully inspire you with my views on this mess.

Don’t be like most people.  Instead of taking action to improve their situation, most people are just hoping for the best.

But HOPE is a 4 letter word!

– You hope you don’t get laid off.
– You hope for a promotion or raise.
– You hope for a better economy.
– You hope to come up with an idea that makes you millions.

The problem with hope is – YOU can’t control the outcome.  You’re
putting your destiny in other people’s hands.

I gave up on hope a long time ago LOL.  I make my own darn hope by
actively offering value to the marketplace in exchange for income.
Each ‘Order Now’ button I have on the Internet gives me hope.  Each
product that affiliates can promote for me gives me hope.  Each
source of traffic that I’ve built to my sites, gives me hope.

If you make your own hope like this, you can not fail.  You only
fail in this business by not trying, by not building, by sitting
back and hoping for it to happen for you instead of going out there
and making it happen!

Do you have your own ‘multiple-streams of hope’ out there working
for you on the Net?  If not, watch this recorded training workshop
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I guarantee that presentation will inspire you and open your eyes
to how easy this stuff can be, whether or not you get his offer
towards the end (completely optional).

Watch that presentation instead of the 6pm news and fill your mind
with positivity tonight instead of bad vibes.

Talk soon,


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