The Success Holy Grail That You’re Resisting Every Day

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Resisting SuccessI have a close relative who is always complaining about the never
ending recession and how he can’t find a job.

And it’s complete BS.

The problem is NOT that he can’t find a job. He could easily get a
job sweeping floors, passing out flyers, or bussing tables and make
more than he’s making now sitting in his mother’s basement. Heck,
I’ve even shown him how he can use his video game hobby to make
some easy income Online.

The problem is, he’s not interested in doing anything outside of
his comfort zone. He would rather wait and complain until he finds
what he thinks he wants.

The same thing applies to many people I speak with Online. You can
give them a valid way to succeed with their business, but they
won’t take action and do it. They’ll find a reason for why it’s not
for them – not enough time, someone is already doing it, I’m not
technical enough, etc. Making excuses is subconsciously the
comfortable and easy way out.

But the truth is, to get different results you have to do different
things – and change is always uncomfortable at first.

Success is very much a habit. It takes 21 days of consistent daily
action to create a new habit or break an old one. That’s why most
people do the same things week after week – for better or worse.

So right now I can give you an amazing, magical success secret –
but it will mean nothing until you learn to conquer your own
self-will and implement successful actions into daily habits.

That’s really all to it. That’s the magical secret.

It’s no different than waking up at 6am everyday and hitting the
gym for 60 days straight. You know for a fact that you would
achieve your fitness goals and be so proud of yourself once you’re
done BUT that first week is going to be a mugga fugga hahaha.

Success in business is the same way. You kinda know what you need
to do but somehow it just doesn’t get done. Or you convince
yourself that it’s not worth trying.

Hey, I’m no different than you.

I often feel like I’m in a rut – as I do right now. I’m
comfortable, complacent, and I need to regain my drive, my fire, my
reason why.

One of the best ways to get things done is to have a schedule and
accountability. For example, I’m headed to the gym shortly after
sending this email. I know that my personal trainers will question
me if I don’t show up as scheduled. That’s the main reason I pay

As far as my business goes, I need to get the same type of
accountability system put in place. Maybe it will be a coaching
program I join, or maybe it will be a new project with deadlines
I’ve made a commitment to.

Not sure yet, but sending this out publicly is like therapy for me.
Thanks for listening :-). Hopefully it gives you some clarity

Talk soon,


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