Pathetic Little Money Makers (Part 2 of 3)

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Pathetic Little Money Makers (Part 2 of 3)

This is part 2 in this series, if you missed part 1 you can get it

To pick up where we left off, lets continue talking about free

There is more traffic coming from the search engines than ever
before.  I’m talking life changing traffic that keeps making you
money month after month.

During our presentation on Tuesday, we’re going to show you how
several of our sites are getting over 100,000 visits a month.  With
just a 10% opt-in rate, that’s 10,000 new subscribers a month.  See:

The game has changed a lot with the latest Google updates though.
You used to be able to rank well just by building keyword anchor
text links on article directories and social bookmarking sites.
But as with most shortcuts, too many people were doing it and
Google shut it down, penalizing some good quality content sites in
the process.

The good news for you though is a lot of marketers are turning away
from SEO after their sites got penalized.  That means there is an
opportunity for you to capture that traffic and do it the right way.

So what’s working today?

Well, building links still works but quality and relevance matter
much more than quantity.  And more than ever your links have to
seem natural.  I mean, a dozen celebrity blogs are not likely to
all be linking to an Internet Marketing related site using
“affiliate marketing course” as the anchor text.

Google wants to weed out the search engine manipulators by making SEO
results more difficult to attain without having high quality
content that people link to and share voluntarily.

However, there is an underground software tool that some of the
elite SEO experts are using to gather intelligence about their
competitors and automate most of the link building process.

You can basically select the top ranking sites for your desired
keywords and discover what sites are linking to them to make them
rank so well.  Then you can build links on those site as well in
the form of blog comments, forum posts, press releases, social
links, guest posts, etc.

To do this manually would be a huge pain.  You could use free tools
like Google Alerts and the Firefox Web Rank toolbar to find
relevant sites and analyze your competitors, but you’d still have
to manually build the links.

On Tuesday we’re going to show you a much easier method of building
natural looking links that boost your ranking like crazy.

Be sure you’re on the live presentation because this may be the
last remaining way that at-home businesses can compete in the
search engines.

Register now at:

That’s it for today.  Part three coming soon.

Talk soon,


P.S.  Make sure you’re on the presentation on the live training
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