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Simple but super powerful way to make more money online

January 29th, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   No Comments »

I have some good info for you today (below), but first let me tell you about this… My buddy Andy Fletcher has this really cool WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a super list building machine. It’s the same exact list building plugin I’m using to build my list on my blog . The […]...

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Best WordPress Plugins to Use for a New Blog

January 15th, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Blogging   •   3 Comments »

I recently started my blog on after like 7 years of the site being “under construction” lol.  Below is the list of top WordPress plugins that I’m using. I know that a lot of people use WordPress also and often ask what are the best plugins to use, so I wrote this up figuring […]...

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Popular Advice Given to Beginners – Past vs Present

January 2nd, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategy   •   No Comments »

One of the most difficult things for even a highly successful marketer to do is to instruct a newbie to actually make money online. Sure, you can provide a step by step proven plan that works, but you can’t make someone succeed. Short of actually doing the work for them, success is still their responsibility […]...

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