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The Truth About Earning Fast Cash

June 23rd, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   How to Make Money   •   4 Comments »

One of my coaching students contacted me the other day and said he was struggling financially.  He asked me if I knew of any “fast cash programs.” Is fast cash really possible? Here was my response to him: I feel your struggle.  Lots of people are struggling right now. When you say “fast cash” you […]...

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high converting webinars

April 1st, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Internet Business Models   •   No Comments »

Lately I’ve been focusing on doing a lot more webinars because they convert like nothing else.  This is especially true in this economic environment.  I have a webinar presentation for that averages about a 32% conversion rate.  That means the offer and presentation are so good that 32 out of every 100 people watching [&he...

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Simple but super powerful way to make more money online

January 29th, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Business Tips   •   No Comments »

I have some good info for you today (below), but first let me tell you about this… My buddy Andy Fletcher has this really cool WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a super list building machine. It’s the same exact list building plugin I’m using to build my list on my blog . The […]...

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Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Part 1

January 2nd, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Affiliate Marketing   •   No Comments »

Last week one of my members asked me a very good question and I’d like to share my response with you. The question was: “Ron, how would you promote VideoForward if you were a member and didn’t already have an email list?” Here’s what I would do (4 steps): 1) I would write 7 emails […]...

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How to make a good first impression with your subscribers

January 2nd, 2011    •  by rondouglas    •   Email Marketing, Internet Marketing   •   No Comments »

It’s very important to make a good first impression on your subscribers by following the first rule of email marketing which is “give people what they signed up for.” Think about that rule for a second. Everyone tells you that you should give something for free on your site to build an email list.  However, there […]...

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