"How We Added an Extra $10,000 a Month in Recurring Income to Our Business With Just One Post a Day on Facebook(TM)"


Ron Douglas
NY Times Best Selling Author
Antonio Thornton
The Profit Engineer

This free training session is 100% content with nothing being sold during the presentation.

In this free training session, I'll will show you a simple system I use to generate a huge recurring income with Facebook ads and just one simple post a day.

In fact, my system is so simple that I hired my 12-year-old daughter to do for me.... and in under an hour a day, she's generating a consistent stream of traffic at pennies per click.

What You'll Discover
On this Live Class:

  1. How to use the One Post A Day (OPAD) system to generate reliable, recurring income
  2. How to turn other people's viral content into a never ending stream of traffic to your site.
  3. Three secrets to Facebook ads that help us get clicks for as low as 6 cents per click.
  4. The proven sales funnel we use that performs like magic....even with ice cold leads.
  5. How to get this simple process set up and going strong in the next 60 days or sooner.


Doug McIsaac

"Finally producing results! Since I've implemented what I learned I've dropped my click to conversion by 2/3rds, grown my email list significantly and finally started to produce revenue.​" 

- Doug McIsaac

Doug McIsaac

"Once I started working with Ron, I went from topping out at about $55 to finally making my first $5,000 online and I haven't looked back since. And this was all in my spare time.​"

- Lonnie Bradley

Doug McIsaac

"I am now getting website clicks to my webinars for under $.35 cents! I am getting videos watched at no more than $.03 cents! Ron is the man with this! He helped me greatly build my business up.​" 

- Brian Prins