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About Me

Hey, my name is Ron Douglas from Queens, NY.  I’ve been an entrepreneur since the 90’s and the founder of multiple different online businesses since 2001.  I specialize in growing businesses using webinars, email marketing, and social media.

In 2003, I was able to take my hobby of cooking and turn it into a 7-figure business with a self-published cookbook titled “America’s Most Wanted Recipes.” That cookbook went on to become a NY Times Best Seller published by Simon & Schuster in 2009 and featured in the media on shows like Good Morning America, Fox News, NBC, ABC, The Wendy Williams Show, HSN, and in People Magazine, etc.  I’ve since published 5 additional cookbooks in the America’s Most Wanted Recipes series which has collectively sold over 1.5 million copies (at $15 – $16 each).

In 2019, I sold the cookbook business to focus on my online education and coaching businesses helping entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers use the Internet to earn more money and have more free time. 

You can see some of my current products below…


My Products

Webinar Affiliate Network

ExpertsClassroom is our private, member’s-only affiliate network for automated webinars. We’re always looking for high quality webinars to add to our network.

Writer Community

Elite Writers Lab is the #1 support community for writers. Whether you’re a freelance writer or book author, we  help our members monetize their writing skills and write for a living.

Webinar Seminar

Founded by Ron Douglas, Anik Singal, and Andy Hussong, Webinarcon is the #1 live event for Webinar Marketers. Multiple millions of dollars in deals are made at this exclusive event. 

Marketing Templates

Our personal library of fill-in-the-blank, done for you marketing templates, backed by nearly 30 years of proven online marketing experience.

Virtual Summit

The Best Sellers Summit is an annual online seminar for writers and info-product sellers. We bring together the top experts to share their secrets.


$25k Mastermind

Webinar Wealth Club is an exclusive mastermind network for high level webinar marketers. Membership is $25k and is on an invite-only basis.


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